It is time for lower elementary cheerleading to start! They have their first meeting/practice today at 4:30 with Janine. It is open to grades 1-3.
3 days ago, Keith Shelton
Dinner break. Doors will open at 7:00 tonight.
4 days ago, Keith Shelton
What a great night of wrestling! We are opening doors today at 1:30 with a start time of 2:00. Excited to see everyone back down here for some great wrestling and cheerleading! 💙🤍
5 days ago, Keith Shelton
Doors open 6:30 for wrestling! Bazaar is still on right now until 8. We look forward to seeing you here!
5 days ago, Keith Shelton
Busy day today, Sivuqaq! We have atuq right now until 2:30. Dismissal at 2:30. AEC meeting at 3:30 in the library. We have the bazaar from 5-8 in the hallways. Our wrestling tournament is tonight as well and doors opening time will be announced soon.
6 days ago, Keith Shelton
That was such a fun talent show! Big shout out to Linzi, Carina, and everyone else that helped put this together, all of the participants, and the crowd both in person and virtual. Tomorrow we have Blue and White dress-up day with a pep assembly at 2:30-3:30. We hope to see you there! Also, there is a survey link for feedback on the principal this year. Staff and students will be completing it at school but the link will be here for parents and community members to fill out as well.
7 days ago, Keith Shelton
Good afternoon! The talent show is today at 4 in the gym. We will also be going live on FB. Tomorrow is pep assembly at 2:30-3:30.
8 days ago, Keith Shelton
Bazaar is Friday 5-8pm. Call Zach at 985-2510 for a table. $10 for small table, $20 for large table.
9 days ago, Keith Shelton
Good afternoon. Kawerak is coming Tuesday and Wednesday to present on the Alaska Safe Children's Act which consists of Erin's Law (K-12)and Bree's law (7-12). These include age-appropriate information on teen dating violence and abuse. We have an opt out form if you prefer to not have your student participate.
9 days ago, Keith Shelton
We are looking forward to seeing everyone back after this long holiday weekend! We have Spirit Week this week leading into the Island Rumble wrestling tournament. Monday- Pajama Day, Tuesday-Dress Your Best Day, Wednesday - Favorite Color Day, Thursday - Qughsatkut Day, Friday - Yupik Day. We will also have a pep assembly Thursday, Bazaar Friday, and a Talent Show that is Wednesday 4-6.
10 days ago, Keith Shelton
spirit week
Wednesday, the last day before break, will be an early out at 1:30 with atuq 1:00-1:30. We hope to see you down here at the school for atuq.
16 days ago, Keith Shelton
We would like to extend our sincerest condolences to the family during this difficult time and we will be dismissing at 2:30 today so everyone has time to attend the service. Sorry for the late notice.
16 days ago, Keith Shelton
Good morning Sivuqaq! School will open regular time this morning. The gusts are pretty strong though so call in to be excused if needed. The school truck will also be going around the road looking for anyone in need of a ride.
17 days ago, Keith Shelton
Another Kawerak reschedule for Project Remote:
19 days ago, Keith Shelton
Kawerak had to reschedule their project remote visit. Here is the updated flier:
20 days ago, Keith Shelton
Volleyball Update. Savoonga is a GO.
21 days ago, Bering Strait School District
Volleyball Update. Savoonga is a GO.
Good morning Gambell. Due to safety concerns with the high winds we are going to cancel school for today, 11/15. Stay safe out there.
22 days ago, Keith Shelton
Sorry for the late notice, the AEC is meeting at 4:30 in the library tonight. All are welcome.
22 days ago, Keith Shelton
To everyone that signed up for the Lifelong Learner through project remote, Kawerak is coming out for meetings on Thursday. See the flier for times:
23 days ago, Keith Shelton
tech boxes